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For this assignment, you will use the brand RHONE



After reviewing all of the materials for this week, create your infographic using the following steps. A complete assignment will include a written justification, graphic and reference for your brand data. Note: You will utilize the templates listed in step 4 to add graphics to and layout your infographic, so design skills are not necessary for this assignment.

  1. Research a topic for your brand that could benefit from the use of an infographic. Describe briefly in 1-2 sentences why you have chosen this topic – include the brand argument that will be supported by the data in your graphic. (Note this should be a new graphic, not a redesign of something that already exists). Remember, the overall goal is to communicate your brand’s authenticity and improve transparency.
  2. Describe your brand touchpoint – where will your graphic reach or touch the consumer? (See Chapter 9). Justify your selection, describing the data, consumer insight and communication role it will serve (1-2 paragraphs).
  3. Determine which type of infographic is the best fit for your data – provide a 1-2 sentence justification.
  4. Choose a design for your infographic assignment from one of the Hubspot templates provided. Describe why you chose this template – how is it a better choice that the others available? (1-2 sentences).
  5. Edit your template to include your data and appropriate brand colors.
  6. Add your infographic to the bottom of your Word document assignment and submit the assignment as one file.

Completed assignments should be 3 pages – one page of written content, one page for your infographic and a Works Cited including the reference for your brand information added as the 3rd (last) page.