I don’t know how to handle this Powerpoint question and need guidance.

Imagine you are graduating in several months, and asked to deliver a Graduation Speech. What would you say to inspire them? How would you make them laugh? What would you like them to remember?

(You do not need to write a full graduation speech unless you’d like to)

Please watch the videos from the previous Page. They can also be found here:

Video #1: Starting a new PowerPoint and selecting a Theme

Video #2: Adding, Moving, and Duplicating Slides

Video #3: Inserting a Word Document

Create your own presentation using a New PowerPoint Project addressing the topic above. In a Presentation complete the following:

Create a new presentation. 1.1.1

Apply a different slide layout. 1.2.5

Preserve presentation content. 5.2.4

Create a presentation based on a template. 1.1.2

Insert specific slide layouts. 1.2.1

Duplicate existing slides. 1.2.2

Modify slide order. 1.4.2

Delete slides. 1.2.4

Import Word document outlines. 1.1.3

Insert slides from another presentation. 5.1.1