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Successfully run 2 different scanners (one for each OS) on your Windows and Linux virtual machines in the Computer Security Lab network. You are not scanning the CSL—just the two VMs you bridge together. Compare the results of the scans. Identify which scanner might be the best for a security risk assessment. You may need administrative access to properly use some features. GRADING: This lab is worth 100 points. The grade will come from your paper, and supporting documentation with the paper. Papers which clearly concisely describe machines found on the network, the weaknesses and strengths of the scanning tools and provide sound conclusions based on the presented evidence will be graded higher.

Papers will be 5-7 single-spaced pages in length (font size 12). The title page does not count as one of the pages for the report. Proper referencing is a must. The bibliography will not count as one of the page requirements. Appendices will not count as pages for the report and should contain supporting comments you make in the paper. A