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Note 1 :

This week’s Discussion Board assignment (week 5) requires you to create a webcam video or screencast using a PowerPoint you created (max 5-6 slides), using your week 3 discussion board assignment, along with your collected data and proposed queueing model. See Discussion Board assignment for required details.

As I mentioned in my announcement last week, the purpose of this Discussion board is to have data to analyze and determine what distribution best represents the arrivals and/or service rate of the process you selected. Use your selected queueing system (or one of the queues) or if needed, choose another simpler process where you can collect data of an hour of arrivals data and/or service. If you can’t do both, then estimate your service rate and the service distribution by observation. Use your learnings to date to assess what distribution best describes your collected data. Graph it and use the graph and your analysis in the week 5 discussion board assignment. Run the simulation analysis based on what data you have. I realize the one hour of data collection and service may not truly represent your selected process, but this is an exercise to understand some of the issues of data collection planning, data collection and data analysis in designing and developing simulation models.

Note 2:

In a screencast using a PowerPoint of no longer than 15 minutes (max 5-6 slides) in duration using your week three discussion board assignment, along with your collected data and proposed queuing system model to address each of the following items pertaining to your selected queuing system:

Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide 3

Slide 4

Slide 5

Note 3 : Professor feedback on the previous DB (attached is the modified final copy) for consideration

Very thorough review of your queueing line model, and thoughtful questions in your response post. Only question is your diagram shows a single server multi phase system, yet your describe it as an M/M/2. With a multi-phase system that you described , I would consider that to have two queues – possible an M/M/1 for order/food service and an M/M/1 for payment. If that’s the case, there would be an arrival and service rate for each phase, which can be different. Let me know if I’m not understanding your model.



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