I’m trying to learn for my Marketing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Jackson Ballet Arts is the non-profit organization I am working on. I am responsible for writing the SWOT Analysis of the paper. The final project will consist of your team collectively preparing a written marketing plan and Powerpoint presentation for the non-profit organization based on the business/marketing problem shared by the senior leadership team (which is how to recruit more children and how to bring in more money to the Jackson Ballet Arts). I have uploaded several materials including a few events/fundraisers held by the Jackson Ballet Arts. The Nutcracker is their biggest fundraiser event and is the longest running in Tennessee. I have also uploaded some answers to questions that were asked to the committee. I was thinking that a good fundraiser event for them would be a dancing with the stars: Kids edition. That could bring a lot of donors.

I am also uploading a sample marketing plan. The SWOT Analysis can be found on pages 33-34.

Here is their website. This will be helpful in knowing about the Jackson Ballet Arts:


Here is a YouTube link of a new fundraiser event held by the Jackson Ballet:




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