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For the first essay, find an op-ed (and not a letter to the editor) addressing a political or social issue that has been published in a major American newspaper or magazine sometime since February 1st of last year. Then, argue for or against the effectiveness of the author’s argument. If this sounds too daunting, you may take an alternate route, which is to use the op-ed piece as a springboard to argue your position on a political or social issue. (Whichever you choose, DO NOT combine the two topics. Also, DO NOT simply “review” the op-ed or select one used as a reading assignment for this course.) While you may consider The Fresno Bee, consider other publications such as The New York Times,Newsweek, or The Atlantic, among others. Some columnists to consider include Victor Davis Hanson, Maureen Dowd, or Nicholas Kristof.


-Needs to be at least onto the sixth page (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font size, Arial orTimes New Roman) to be accepted.

-MLA preferred, but APA is acceptable. (Simply ensure formatting is consistent. Also, title, Reference, or Works Cited page do not count towards page length.)

Policy Reminders

-To earn full points and rewriting eligibility, be sure your essay does not contain a topic unknown to the instructor, avoids plagiarism, is submitted during the conference time, and uploaded on that same date.


To avoid having your essay returned unread, having points deducted, and/or having the essay be

ineligible for a rewrite, ask yourself the following questions before submitting the essay:



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