I need an explanation for this Powerpoint question to help me study.

Create an eight-slide power point using the following guidelines:

Title Slide

Slide 1: Define fertilizer/pesticide pollution. Explain what they are. Where they come from and what they do to a body of water.

Slide 2: Explain 2 specific examples of places where fertilizer/pesticide pollution occurs. One place is the Chesapeake Bay and one place anywhere else within the U.S. Describe the cause/source of the pollution. Also, the people, animals and/or environment it effects

Slide 3: Provide date from a statistic to explain how the pollution affects organisms and how it specifically impacts the Chesapeake Bay (use numbers)

Slide 4: Explain at least 2 health concerns (disease or mutations) that resulted from fertilizer/pesticide water pollution.

Slide 5: Explain how the health concerns can be solved. Describe what problems or symptoms are involved in each health concern and propose a solution for each

Slide 6: Explain whether fertilizer/pesticide pollution is a point, nonpoint, or possibly both. For example, ” my type of pollution is a (nonpoint,point, or both) sometimes because______________________, but it can also be (nonpoint,point, or both) in some cases because ______________________________.”

Slide 7: Explain 2 specific solutions that could improve the water quality/health concerns. One solution that can specifically work for the Chesapeake Bay. One solution that can work anywhere in the world. Evaluate the pros and cons of both solutions.

Slide 8 Document sources in a works cited