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Country Analysis Assignment Guidance

You are required to do a business evaluation of the country you selected in the first week of class. The analysis must be submitted on Blackboard as a Word file. This document will outline the challenges and opportunities you see relative to starting a business in that country.This analysis will form the basis for selecting a business to start and, using the data, formulate a strategic plan in a subsequent assignment (due in Week 7).

For the current assignment the Word document should be no longer than 4-6 pages (double-spaced and not counting title and reference pages)..It should contain the following information (where the information expected is Information that you feel is relevant to starting a business in that country and which would ultimately be useful in developing and implementing a strategic plan):

Note:Refer to the PowerPoint slide I have attached in the Wiki for this course.This shows a great framework to analyze and illustrate “country attractiveness”.This is from your book and is contained in the PowerPoint file attached to Chapter 3 in Blackboard (Week 1).

Please prepare this paper as if you were going to make a formal presentation to the CEO of the company you work for or to a venture capitalist.Therefore, you need to be sure the information you put in the paper is concise, clear, to-the-point and with no grammar errors or misspellings.Do not simply list facts.You are expected to analyze what these facts mean, the risks they represent and their relevance in starting a business in the selected country.