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This is a 5-7 page paper on US Foreign Policy in Russia. The instructions for this essay are below.

POLI 361: Critical Case Study Paper

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to (a) enhance your ability to evaluate the key perspectives on a critical issue of U.S. foreign policy and develop a position of your own, (b) use a variety of sources as evidence in support of an argument, and (c) further develop your effective writing skills. You can choose one of issues or cases from chapters 12-23 in Michael Cox and Doug Stokes, US Foreign Policy. 3rd edition. You should start with the reading for your topic and summarize the key arguments. After a critical evaluation of the competing perspectives, you must develop your own position on the issue under review. Beyond the materials for this class, you need to use at least six additional library sources. All papers must include a complete list of references in a standard format. Please make sure that you give full credit to the authors of source materials. For your references and citations, please carefully study and follow the “Department of Political Science Citation Guide” (available at Please select your topic no later than Thursday, January 16, 2020. No more than three people can have the same topic. The paper should be typed, double spaced, between 5-7 pages. The paper is due on Thursday, January 30, 2020. Please submit your paper as a MS Word or PDF file to the Dropbox under Grades in OAKS.

The topic US Foreign Policy in Russia can be found in chapter 3 of that book.