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A topic that has always pained me is the choice that Jehovah’s Witness make of not receiving blood transfusions even though it may mean saving their lives. The reasons for this are because I do not understand their belief system and the other is that, in my own personal experience, it was a blood transfusion that saved my life 34 years ago. When I was a new nurse, I had a patient who suffered of Leukemia and needed blood transfusions but refused. This hit me hard because he was 68 years old and I felt that he still had a lot of life left in him. I did tell him my story and how a blood transfusion helped save my life. He listened courteously to my story and then proceeded to tell me about his belief and the why of his decision. I knew at this time that I should not have told him my story because, in the back of my mind, I was really hoping it would change his. Florence Nightingale stated that “professional caregivers should not try to persuade their patients or their families with their own beliefs and values” (Lewenson & Truglio 2015). I certainly did not know how else to help my patient and referred him to seek support from his family and his congregation who shared his beliefs, and this gave him comfort. Sadly, the patient passed away, but it was his spirituality and religious faith that allowed him to make that “right to die” choice. Nurses should become knowledgeable of the various religious and spiritual beliefs as this will foster a healthier and respectable patient-nurse relationship.


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