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1. Results. Write up your result (the letters and the full typology) and your interpretation of the meaning of your result (do not copy and paste what the assessment gives you).

2. Connection to your life. Discuss THREE areas of your life where you can see the accuracy of your typology OR three areas that disconfirm these results.

3. Researching the assessment measure. Now, research information on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type. Review at least TWO sources, with at least one coming from the scholarly literature (look at the “How to Find Appropriate Sources” link in the Links & Tools section on Canvas to learn more about how to find said sources). List the two sources you looked at.Does the information you found confirm or disconfirm the validity of this type of personality typing? Reference EACH source in your answer.

4. Utility of assessment. Why are these types of personality assessments useful? Did you find the results useful? Why or why not?

5. Other options. What might be a more useful personality assessment (based on the information in Chapter 11) and why? Please justify your response.