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Submit a hyperlink to an example of IoT device/technology that is a good example of how ubicomp can better society and/or the environment. Accompany your hyperlink with a critical reflection (minimum of 500 words but no maximum) that speaks to the following topics:

  1. What is this, what its primary function, what are its secondary functions (if any)?
  2. What are the protocols by which it connects to the Internet? Describe each in detail and describe how they manifest in your device. In other words, how specifically would you connect it to a network or other device?
  3. What data does it gather, and what data does it send? How does it use that data to carry out the functions it was designed to do?
  4. Why does it send that data? How is that data important in terms of the technology? Where is that data stored? Who has access to that data?

Research 2 Rubric

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Connections and Protocols