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Assignment #1

Comma-separated values, or CSV, is widely-used format for representing tabular data. Each row of a table is a line of text; the fields on each line are separated by commas.

For example, the CSV representation of the table:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Row 1




Row 2




is given by:

,Heading 1,Heading 2,Heading 3

Row 1,x1,y1,z1

Row 2,x2,y2,z2

Your assignment is to design and implement a library to handle CSV files. This library should be designed so that it is worthy of general use.

As we have discussed already, you need to come up with the specification of the requirements for the proposed library. These requirements should address issues related to the format of the CSV file, the interface provided by the library, and error recovery.

What, When, and How to Submit

For this assignment please submit the following:



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