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please answer these areas from a financial role

I have attached the case study files

TOWS Matrix – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats accompanied by strategy points The main deliverable for this section is a combined or comprehensive TOWS Matrix. A helpful way to complete this section is to have each team member conduct a SWOT analysis from the perspective of his/her role. SWOT should be substantiated through research which highlights the relevant and critical factors from the Situational, External, and Internal Analyses. Then each team member should develop one (1) strategy point for each TOWS section. Final information, along with strategies, should be presented in one TOWS Matrix.

Problem Statement(s) – Brief explanation of what you are going to solve

Identify problems based on the information presented in the case, but you can support your problem statement(s)

with information from any other source.

Alternatives Identification – Directions that the company could pursue to solve the stated problem(s) Identify alternatives to all of the stated problems; keep in mind some of your solutions might represent different role perspectives. Feasibility and constraints should be presented as well. Be sure to present how the factors from the various perspectives are integrated.

Alternatives Development/Recommendation – Explanation of alternative chosen by the team Chose and explain one of the alternatives in more detail. Identify issues from the four role perspectives that could impact the decision implementation