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1. Explain how your study habits as a student are related to the performance standards you will have as a

health care provider.

2. Briefly describe two experiences: one that won you the approval of others and one that others may not

have known about but that brought you a sense of personal accomplishment. Was the satisfaction you

felt after each experience similar or different?

3. Describe your own standards for achievement as a student, and name several specific steps you will

take to meet those standards.

4. Describe the standards you hope to set for yourself in your job as a health care provider, and name

several specific steps you will take to meet those standards.

1. Identify one group or subclass you belong to based on your religion, race, nationality, or economic

level. Write one to two paragraphs explaining the primary values of this subgroup and how this

subgroup differs from others.

2. Consider the following situations. Describe your personal feelings about each and discuss how you

could apply the philosophy of individual worth to each scenario.

i. A young woman breast-feeds her 2-year-old child while sitting in the waiting room of a clinic.

ii. A hospitalized patient tells you that a group from his church is coming to do a “laying on of hands”

for him.

iii. A patient tells you, “I know why I got this cancer. It’s my karma.”

iv. A 30-year-old man comes to the emergency room complaining of severe abdominal pain. Most of

his body is covered with tattoos and he has several body piercings. He informs the staff that he does

not have health insurance.

3. What are some factors that all people have in common regardless of differences in background?

4. Describe a time when you formed a first impression of someone, only to find out later that your first

impression was incorrect.

5. Have you ever felt judged by someone else because of a group to which you belong? Describe your


1. Identify a “learning experience” that you have had. Explain what you learned and how your behavior

has changed as a result of the experience.

2. Think of several different roles you play in your own life. Explain how your behavior differs from role

to role.

3. List five steps you can take to develop your own potential.



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