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We have chosen to do our paper on a local organization, named Christ Fellowship Church. 3 CHRIST FELLOWSHIP CHURCH WAS FOUNDED IN 1984 BY TOM AND DONNA MULLIN. The first service was held in the living room with five families. Pastor Mullins’ vision and leadership was generated through his belief and calling. The church has grown tremendously between the years of 1984 to the present day. In this paper, we will be discussing the various roles of leadership and five examples of leadership that took place. The ability to have global exposure through different aspects of social media, and the resources used through social media as means to reaching the world. We will provide an explanation on how Pastor Mullins has influenced followers with his vision. We will also discuss the steps he took to receive financial backing to purchase the first church and how the initial purchase led to eleven more locations throughout South Florida. We will provide information on how Christ Fellowship continues to use its founding members as to guide the future, as well as be followers of the new generational ways. 4 MANAGEMENT CAN BE DEFINED AS THE ATTAINMENT OF ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS IN AN EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT MANNER THROUGH PLANNING, ORGANIZING, STAFFING DIRECTING, AND CONTROLLING ORGANIZATIONAL RESOURCES (DAFT, 2018, P. 14). Their mission statement “With a mission to impact the world with love and the message of Jesus Christ” speaks clearly on the motive and direction. 5 CHRIST FELLOWSHIP CHURCH, THROUGH THE PROCESS OF PROVIDING DIRECTION, ALIGNING FOLLOWERS, BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, DEVELOPING PERSONAL LEADERSHIP QUALITIES, AND CREATING LEADER OUTCOMES, HAS CREATED THE CONTEXTUAL LENS THROUGH WHICH ITS PARTICIPANTS SafeAssign Originality Report https://palmbeachstate.blackboard.com/webapps/mdb-sa-BBLEARN/ori… 2 of 6 1/21/2020, 9:30 PM CAN VIEW THE WORLD. The traditional functions of management at Christ fellowship Church, consist of the managerial team working together, to plan a kingdom mission through discipleship. This process allows the members to bring together the spiritual and organizational direction. By continuously vetting individuals with technical, creative, administrative, and/or managerial skills. Thus, permitting the team to focus people on specific goals and task to improve productivity and efficiency. The traditional functions of management at Christ fellowship Church also consist of the managerial team controlling organizational resources and ensuring that the team has goals in place to maintain a degree of sustainability. They encourage each employed member to participate in a monthly training program called Onboarding. We will explain the training techniques coursed available for advancement. 6 LEADERSHIP IS AN INFLUENCE RELATIONSHIP AMONG LEADERS AND FOLLOWERS WHO INTEND REAL CHANGES AND OUT COMES THAT REFLECT THEIR SHARED PURPOSES (DAFT, 2018, P. 5). The fundamental differences between leadership and management at Christ Fellowship may differ, however, Christ Fellowship Administration recognizes that leadership and management are both essential in their organizational triumph and the two must be integrated effectively to lead to high performance. 7 THE ORGANIZATION BELIEVES THAT LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT MUST GO HAND-IN-HAND. Consequently, one cannot substitute the other. According to the text, exhibit 1.3 compares leadership to management in five areas crucial to organizational performance (Daft, 2018, p. 15). Adopting these five areas crucial to organization performance, the management and leadership team at Christ Fellowship continuously aim to create a desirable future for the organization.


(Level 1 heading in your paper) describe the purpose of the paper by identifying your organization and clearly stating your thesis. This is the information that you will show or prove about the organization. A thesis might include a statement such as “The XYZ Corporation’s leadership is very sound and preparing for continued success in the future,” or, “The xyz corporation exhibits several leadership flaws that might limit success in the future.” Note that your analysis section will provide support for this thesis (or opinion) and your conclusion will describe how you proved your position.

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The topic is Christ Fellowship