I’m trying to learn for my Chemistry class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

There are many current and evolving technologies that use chemistry-based principles and applications to diagnose disease and dysfunction. Clinical chemistry encompasses a number of tests that measure concentrations and activities of substances in human biological samples to monitor and diagnose disease. The concepts of mixtures, concentrations, and diffusion can be applied in clinical chemistry.

  1. In your initial post:
    • Research a specific clinical chemistry test used in health care. Identify the name of the test, the specific biological sample required for the test, and the substances being measured or analyzed with this test.
    • Provide a 250 word description of the test you selected, utilizing chemistry terminology and concepts learned in this and previous lessons to explain the properties of the biological sample used (i.e., mixture, solution, concentration, etc.); the components or matter being measured or analyzed (i.e., molecules, ions, gases, etc.); units of measurements employed in the analysis; and details of any special measurement techniques used.
    • Describe how the results are interpreted. Identify two specific medical conditions that might lead to a high or low test result, including comparison to the normal ranges or levels. Discuss the impact upon a specific body system (i.e, cardiovascular, renal, etc.)
  2. Respond to a minimum of two classmates, addressing their application of chemistry concepts. Identify any alternative tests that might be used in the diagnosis of the medical conditions they discussed. In addition to providing constructive feedback to your peers, your posts should include responses to any questions asked, as well as replies.