I’m trying to learn for my Writing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Here is the scenario with which you are working. Read the following draft the requested correspondence:

You are the CEO of Health Nut, Inc., a small health food manufacturer that specializes in snack foods, like trail mix and granola. Recently, the company developed a new product, Nuts About Berries, a trail mix with mixed nuts, dried berries, and carob pieces. All 80 employees at the company worked hard to develop, test, market, and distribute Nuts About Berries, but, unfortunately, the product has not performed well with consumers. The profits have not been able to cover the cost of research and development. You have been tasked with looking at the company’s finances to figure out a way to help defer the cost of developing Nuts About Berries, and you have concluded that the least disruptive, most effective way to do that is to cancel the corporate gym membership program. However, this gym membership program has been included in the company’s benefit package going back almost to the beginning of the company, and it is very popular with employees.

What design will be most effective? Think about genre (i.e., letter or memo) and why you think this genre is appropriate. Think about style and format and length. Think about structure and organization.