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NSG/531: Program And Course Development

Wk 2 Team – Aligning to Standards [due Mon]

Wk 2 Team – Aligning to Standards [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Nurse educators adhere to internal and external organizational regulations and standards in addition to professional accreditation standards. Nurse educators must keep abreast of updates to regulations and standards affecting curriculum. Accreditation standards will come from one of three agencies that can accredit a nursing education program. In this assignment, you will also look at professional certifications, which is another source of influence upon the curriculum of a nursing program.

    Research the accreditation standards of the three accreditation agencies:

This will be a powerpoint presentation, include facts and rationale, my question is below.

Analyze the alignment between professional accrediting standards and state board regulations for an educational program. Submit slide witha minimum of 3 APA formatted references.