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Read any of the articles from THE MARSHALL PROJECT (a nonprofit journalism source about criminal justice) linked below:

  1. I Did My 25 Years. Now I’m Fighting Another Sentence—Deportation
  2. Can We Fix Mass Incarceration Without Including Violent Offenders?
  3. Maryland Leads as Prison Populations Continue to Decline
  4. Is The “First Step Act” Real Reform?
  5. Prosecutor Sentence Review Units Would Revisit Punishments from the Past
  6. Why It’s So Hard For Death Row Prisoners Like Rodney Reed To Prove They’re Innocent
  7. Oklahoma Releases Hundreds From Prison on One Day

https://www.themarshallproject.org/# (Links to an external site.)


Week 6

(2/10 – 2/16)


COURTS: Sentencing Guidelines; Sentencing Reform


Book 1 – Hemmens (2014): Chapter 7 &17

Book 2 – Israel et al. (2016): Chapter 20