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Feminist Perspectives on Sexuality: Nicki Minaj

Select a music video by recording artist Nicki Minaj that you will analyze as a cultural text. She should be the primary artist. Write 4 paragraphs analyzing this video from each of the four feminist perspectives on sexuality discussed by Wendy Chapkis:

1) Pro-“positive” sex feminism (e.g., Steinem, Lorde) 2) Anti-sex feminism (e.g., MacKinnon, Dworkin)
3) Sex libertarian (e.g., Paglia)
4) Sexual subversion (e.g., Rubin, Mock)

What would feminists from these perspectives say about the video overall? In your analysis, include details (such as lyrics, imagery, style, etc.) that would support each interpretation.

Finally please include a couple sentences at the end to answer this question: which of these perspectives do you agree is best for analyzing the video? Why? In your answer, be sure to consider the fact that the video exists as a text within a broader societal context—it does not stand alone.

2 pages, double spaced, 1 inch margin, 12 pt font, stapled. Be sure to include your name and the name of the song/video.