I’m studying for my Philosophy class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

1.The 7 syllogisms that follow all have a flaw; find it.

(at the end of the pdf)

2.Name the flaw:

§Premise.One (or both) of the premises is false.

§Inference.Both premises are true, but they do not support the conclusion.

§Causal connection.The antecedent is not causally connected to the consequent.

§False consequent. There is a plausible connection between antecedent and consequent, but the consequent is false.

§NB:Don’t quibble!If the premise is at least plausible, grant it for the sake of argument.I promise there is another flaw there somewhere.

3.Briefly explain what the problem is in your own words.This is the most important part of the assignment—can you spot a problem and explain why it is a problem.