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For your Assignment you will be preparing a case study. A case study reflects a detailed analysis of a particular situation or person over a period of time. You will use your textbook and additional internet research along with a little creativity to create a detailed investigation into an assigned disease state. Remember that a good case study is not a simple description, but more of an experience for the reader to be able to walk through the processes that occur, and come to a specific conclusion.

Case Study – Alzheimer’s Disease

For your Assignment you will be creating a case study based on an individual who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. One of the principle features of Alzheimer’s Disease is the formation of fibrous protein aggregates in the form of amyloid plaques. You will be concentrating your case study on the mechanisms behind the disposition of these plaques, associated neuronal death, and how this knowledge could lead to potential treatments and diagnostic opportunities.

Your case study needs to include:

Basic Writing Expectations: