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Benchmarking Productivity

As the HIM Director at Indiana Tech Hospital, you oversee the Medical Coding Unit.The Coding Unit consists of 10 coders. There are 4 Inpatient Coders, 2 Outpatient, 2 ER coders, and 2 Ancillary Coders. There are six full-time (40 hr/wk) coders, and four part time (24 hr/wk) coders as noted below. The Discharge Not Final Billed Report has demonstrated and increase in DNFB dollars, which is directly related to an increase in the back-log of coding that has been observed over the past several months. As the Director, you first step is to review the current productivity of your Coding team to determine if your need to adjust the productivity standards or if you need to address personnel needs.Please use the data provided to answer the questions below:

Current Productivity Benchmarks (Per Day):

Current Productivity: in attached photo

Use the Data provided above to answer the following questions:

Grading Rubric Criteria


Productivity calculated for each individual coder


Productivity calculated for each group of coders & the entire coding department

Determination if coders are meeting current productivity_x000D_

Conclusions drawn from review of benchmark data


Recommendation for new/updated productivity standards


Assessment of staffing adequate for current volume w/no backlog?