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Topic: Identify Major Shale Plays in the United States

i. Compare Eagle Ford, Bakken, Marcellus, and Permian. Compare estimated ultimate reserves (EUR) for gas, oil and NGL’s. (2013-Present)

ii. Compare drilling and development costs per well. (Lease operating expenses 2013-Present)

iii. Comment on the first or early shale exploratory well(s) and the company responsible. Should be ultimately an economic well.

iv. Discuss reasons for success in producing the shale formations and the person responsible for developing the process

v. Discuss the impact the shale plays have had on power generators and petrochemicals.

vi. Discuss the impact of price declines in crude oil. Also, discuss the exporting of crude oil from the US.

Write a 3-page paper, Times New Roman, 12pt, single-space