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Major Assignment #4: Social Determinants of Health (15 pts, 2 page minimum). This assignment will help you begin to understand the social determinants of health and disease. I strongly encourage you to explore this website, watch the clips and examine the resources and activities.

Using the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Data base (Links to an external site.), complete the following exercise as demonstrated in the BRFSS tutorial in session 1 of this module, Biostatistics and public health data. The total assignment should include a minimum of 2 pages of writing.

Identify a state other than Nevada. Briefly describe the state and why you selected it.

Select one of the chronic diseases or health indicators available in the BRFSS. Briefly describe the disease/condition/indicator and why you selected it.

Describe the distribution of your selected disease/condition/indicator in your selected location, including how the distribution varies based on age, income, education, ethnicity/race and gender?

Guidelines for ALL Major Assignments:

Due at 11:59pm on Saturday of the module. Must be uploaded into WebCampus.

10% will be deducted for each day late; assignments will ONLY be accepted up to 4 days late; after that the assignment will receive a zero.

All written assignments should be typed, DOUBLE-SPACED, with 1-inch margins, size 12 font, and either Times New Roman or Arial font type.

HEADER: Use the “insert header” tab in Word to include 3 lines, your name, the date, and the assignment title in the header of the paper, SINGLE-SPACED.

REFERENCES are required for EVERY major assignment, including citations in the text as needed and a list of references at the end, which are NOT included in the page count. Use APA style (guidelines provided in WebCampus). Use only academic sources, including peer-reviewed sources, .gov or .edu websites. (Generally, .org, .com, and any news outlets are not appropriate.)

Spelling, word selection, and grammar count for major assignments.

All assignments must meet the minimum page length requirements (either 2 or 4) to earn full credit. Consider going 1-2 lines onto the next page to be sure you do not lose points.

All assignments should be in an organized, cohesive essay format with an introductory and concluding paragraph. You must address all parts of the assignment prompt.