I’m trying to learn for my Art & Design class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Please follow the following directions for your short paper: 1/26/2020

1. Read Wendy Oliver’s PowerPoint – A Brief History of Jazz and Musical Theatre Dance. https://slideplayer.com/slide/8097298/

2. Research either a person, a specific performance, or a specific dance form mentioned in the PowerPoint.

3. Write a 3-page paper, educating the reader about your subject matter, including an opening paragraph that prepares the reader for the content of the paper and your overall thesis, and closing paragraph that concludes your paper. Also include a bibliography (this does NOT count as one of your three pages) with at least 3 sources.

4. In your research, begin with reliable sources. Start with your school library homepage, and be selective about random information you find on line. Please use proper academic English, and avoid using slang, such as girls, when you mean women (technically anyone aged 18 and over – when in doubt, use woman or women) and guys, when you mean men.