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For your post, please respond to the following questions: (worth up to 6 points)

  1. The following is a quote from the YouTube video on the Happiness Advantage. “It is not the reality that shapes us, but the lenses through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality. If we change the lenses, you change your happiness.” What does this quote mean to you – and do you agree?
  2. Do you believe that your external world predicts your level of happiness? Why or why not?
  3. What is your own personal formula for happiness and success? Do you follow your own formula?
  4. Another quote from the video: “If happiness is on the opposite side of success, your brain never gets there. As a society we have pushed happiness over the cognitive horizon.” Do you agree? Why or why not?
  5. What connections do you personally see between the “happiness advantage” and your “values?”

For your response to at least one of your peers, please consider the following prompt: (worth up to 4 points)

  1. Career & major exploration – and the job search – can be intimidating and overwhelming. Considering the connection between happiness and success, please share your thoughts on maintaining a positive attitude during this process. Please make connections between your recommendations and their initial post.

Part 2

your values:

  1. Please share with the group 4 of your Core Values
  2. Have you ever had a job (or participated in an activity) that did not match your values? Please tell us about the activity and how it made you feel
  3. How important do you personally think it is that your future career matches your Core Values? Why?

Discussion Feedback to your peers (worth up to 4 points). Please review the responses from your peers and respond to at least one person addressing the following questions/prompts

  1. Please review the “Core values” listed in their response. Please suggest 2-3 majors or careers that seem to connect or fit those values. Please share what why you think those majors/careers and the listed values are a good fit.
  2. In some case, our values are best met by activities and hobbies outside of a major/career. Having reviewed the listed core values of one of your peers, please suggest an activity or hobby (outside of a career!) that you think connects well with their values. Please share your thoughts on why this activity or hobby might be a good fit.

Part 3:

Please watch the below 10 minute video as an introduction to understanding and analyzing your values. Then, download, complete and submit,the “Understanding Your Values” journal/activity.