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Activity 1: Requirements Document

Based on the information gathered, the team will now design a requirements document for the project. Be sure it is clear, if asked, what the analysis of the process was that the team took to determine the requirements through interaction and observation with users.

Use the Requirements Document Template in the Important Documents Site as a guide. Since this is a small project you will likely not have enough information for all the sections on the template. Be as thorough as possible.


To complete Activities 2 through 5 you will need to draw on what you learned during the Task. If members of the team are not prepared they should remove themselves from the group and complete the Task first. This will affect their grade on these activities and will increase the work load on the rest of the team.

Activity 2: Hierarchical Task Inventory

As a team complete Exercise 6-6

Activity 3: Usage and Design Scenarios

As a team complete Exercises 6-7 and 6-8

Activity 4: Creating a User Persona

As a team complete Exercise 7-1

Activity 5: Ideation and Sketching

As a team complete Exercises 7-2 and 7-3