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Assignment: Unit 2 Report

Matt and Maria decide to study together for their upcoming midterm, but first, they want to grab some lunch. Maria says there is a particular restaurant she would like to go to because they are able to accommodate her dietary restrictions. Matt agrees and they head to the restaurant.

At lunch, Matt asks Maria what is special about her diet. Maria tells him that she can’t eat gluten. Matt says, “Oh yeah, my cousin did that for a while because she heard that gluten is bad for you. But it was too hard for her to not eat bread and pasta, so she gave it up.” Maria tells Matt that avoiding gluten isn’t optional for her — she has celiac disease. Eating even very small amounts of gluten could damage her digestive system.


  1. Explain the flow of food through the digestive system: oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine
  2. what is gluten and why is it harmful to people with celiac disease?
  3. What are the general functions of the small intestine? What do the villi in the small intestine do?
  4. Why do you think celiac disease causes so many different types of symptoms and potentially serious complications?
  5. What are some other autoimmune diseases that involve the body attacking its own digestive system?

All reports will be worth 4% of your grade and will be 5 points each. In order to successfully earn all 5 points you will need to:

1. Answer all questions thoroughly and completely.

2. Use at LEAST 3 references (can include information from the Primal website as a source).

3. Give credit to all sources used- citing correctly and PARAPHRASING any information taken from an outside source. Please do not copy and paste any information, even if you cite the source. Your report will be submitted through Turnitin and will allow us to see what sources were used and the exact information you took from that source- BE CAREFUL!

4. Must have a minimum of 500 words and can be in essay form OR question and answer form. (500 words not including the topic/questions given)