I don’t know how to handle this Science question and need guidance.

First assignment

A friend of yours is interested in Astronomy. She found out that you were taking an Astronomy course and has asked you for some advise. She wants to buy a telescope and has approximately $400.00 to spend.

Based on you knowledge of telescopes which type and what model would you recommend to her. Write a letter to her explaining the reasoning behind your recommendation. Include a comparison of the pluses and minuses of reflecting with refracting telescopes and discuss which telescopes are available over the internet in her price range. Why not include a URL in you letter. Once you have completed your letter turn it in to me for my evaluation.

Second assignment

Based on your studies of telescopes, list three benefits from building an unmanned astronomical observatory on the Moon. The estimated cost is approximately 10 billion dollars. Do these potential benefits of building this observatory on the Moon justify its cost at the present time?