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Answer the study questions I am providing you. Please do not simply quote from the video. Your responses should be in your own words. Please use complete sentences, not just notes. You should answer in 2-4 sentences per question.

Who Was Rousseau?

By Paul Sargent

You should answer in 2-4 sentences per question

1. Sargent starts of his lecture by placing Rousseau in a specific context: Geneva of his day. He cites Calvin as thesource of all beliefs in that era? Would Rousseau agree that all of society should follow Calvin’s ideas?

2. In his Discourse on the Origins of the Inequality of Man. Rousseau claims that the concept of private property caused problems. What were they? What is the role of government according to Rousseau?

3. Rousseau is famous for his view of primitive man that was also held by others in the Enlightenment/ He used the term “noble savage.” What did he mean? Rousseau views society influence on “natural man” in what way?

4. What did people have to give up in society to have government?

5. What is Rousseau’s idea of the social contract and the“general will,” and what about those who refuse to acceptit?