I need an explanation for this Health & Medical question to help me study.

Identify a healthcare problem you may want to assess (do a literature search). This topic should be of your interest and must be realistically achievable.

*Use the FIU library databases (Highly encouraged) https://library.fiu.edu/

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Complete the following (see below) as your first assignment to start your research paper.

Write a 10-pg max 1st paper draft with the following sections

  1. Background & Introduction
  2. Purpose of study
  3. Research question
  4. Significance of study

Note: The first part of any research project is called a proposal. Every research project begins with an evaluation of a healthcare problem. Chose a research topic. This topic should be of your interest. Consult with the course instructor prior to starting your paper.

*If a student is using a qualitative research design, then you don’t have to access a public data file. Talk to the course instructor for further guidance.