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Using Microsoft Word, create a short proposal, no more than 250 words, identifying the specific subject you will be addressing, and its relevance.

The term paper should take an issue or subject that is relevant to the course – organization and administration.

You should utilize the following format:

1. Statement of the Problem/Issue

In this section the student will provide a short declarative statement of the problem confronting the agency.

2. Significance of the Problem/Issue

In this section the student will discuss why this particular problem/issue is important. Information should be provided in support of the significance beyond the students own perception.

3. Discussion of the Problem/Issue in Relation to the Material in this Course

This is the major section of the paper. The student is expected to include appropriate literature, research or other data to discuss in a comprehensive fashion the problem/issue. The student must show a direct relationship between various concepts of the course and the problem/issue. A minimum of 5 references must be used.

Probably the easiest way to do this is to develop a research question, for example, “ Is a bureaucratic organization a viable arrangement to address 21st century problems?”Once you know what question you are trying to answer, you will know the question you are going to explore, you can say why it is important, or what the problem is that the question will address, you can then start a literature review.See what the literature says about your subject – what are the viewpoints – remembering that arguments have to be supported with a citation – write that down – then you are ready to start your discussion and form any conclusions.

Try not to ramble – be succinct and make words count. This is your paper and will end up in your leadership portfolio at the end of the degree program.

This is just the proposal. The paper that will use this proposal will be due later on.