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This is your opportunity to present the solution you have devised from the research discovered in an effort to address the problem or opportunity.

Problem or opportunity: Most of the organizations are moving to devops concept or agile methodology, should the methodology or the concept be chosen based on the nature of the project or should the organization implement all the projects and programs under the chosen methodology.

Develop your recommendations and plan of action to address your problem or opportunity.

Include the following:

Your well-written Section IV must be 4-5 pages total in length, in addition to title, table of contents, and reference pages. The paper should be formatted according to the You must cite at least six scholarly references.

The paper includes all of the required components, as specified in the assignment.

Demonstrates strong or adequate knowledge of the materials; correctly represents knowledge from the readings and sources reference key concepts from the module with in-text citations to support answers.

Provides a strong critical analysis and interpretation of the information given.

Sources or examples meet required criteria and are well chosen to provide substance and perspectives on the case study.

Project is clearly organized, well written, and in proper format as outlined in the assignment. Strong sentence and paragraph structure; few errors in grammar and spelling.

Project contains proper APA formatting, with no more than one significant error