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To: New Consulting Team Member
From: CEO
Re: Presentation

Our consulting firm is always being asked questions by our clients on how to advise them about employee training in order to stay competitive in a global market. Clients want to know how to most effectively train their staff for high performance. I think it would be helpful for our firm to have a general presentation that explains 2 of the most effective forms of employee training and the least effective form of employee training. I am putting you on this assignment- please create a presentation as follows:

1. Create a PowerPoint presentation with 5-7 slides, (not including title slide and reference slide). Make it visually appealing by including 2 to 5 related photo or graphical images in your presentation.

2. Start your PowerPoint presentation by identifying a specific organization as an example for your discussion of employee training. Briefly describe the company in your first slide, (the slide after the title slide).

3. Choose the 2 most effective and the 1 least effective form of employee training, using the following list of 7 types of training. Evaluate and compare these forms of training to highlight your points.

4. Include 2 quality sources to support the ideas in your presentation, and cite to these in your reference section on the last slide.

4. Use the Speaker Notes section of your PowerPoint presentation – to include 80 to 100 words in each notes section for each slide.

5. Use APA format in your reference section.