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Minimum 250 words. APA Style.

Part 2:

ISSC422:Topic: Public Key Infrastructure

Which one of the following statements is most correct about data encryption as a method of protecting data?

  1. It should sometimes be used for password files
  2. It is usually easily administered
  3. It makes few demands on system resources
  4. It requires careful key Management

Minimum 250 words. APA Style.



Your CISO was very happy with the recommendations that you made in Week 3. They have accepted your recommendations as valid, but have requested additional information on the firewall solution. The CISO is now asking for:

  1. Firewall best practices that you will implement to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA, page 6, first mention in textbook).
  2. The best firewall to support his requirement for detailed logging.
  3. The firewall type.
  4. Your plan for managing it.