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How do you differentiate between a normally active child and a child who has ADHD?

What are the long-term effects on the brain of children who have used medication for ADHD? What are the possible long-term benefits and negative impact of those medications?

using outside sources is ok as long as its scholarly

PART B- bibliography in APA style

2 pdf docs is uploaded

A paragraph that provides a synopsis of the source . A paragraph that evaluates the source, including its credibility, relevance, usefulness, and importance to your presentation (i.e., How does it fit into THE research? How does it help shape thesis?) WILL UPLOAD DOCUMENTS





based on these articles and the video answer the following questions 8-10 sentences each

How are behavioral and conduct disorders diagnosed?

What factors potentially contribute to the over-diagnosis of these types of disorders?

What long- and short-term implications does over-diagnosis have on achild? Substantiate your findings with specific examples andresearch