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This week we covered perceptions and culture. Please further reflect on these topics for this week’s challenge.

Challenge Prompt:

What cultures and/or co-cultures do you identify with? How does your culture(s) influence your perceptions? Do you think your gender influences your perceptions? What about your age/generation? Provide examples/descriptions. You can choose what element(s) to focus on (i.e. food, music, toys, interests, etc.).


For example, think about what we consider food. Culture influences that significantly. I still vividly remember the look on my friend’s face when she realized that her “favorite” Mexican food, menudo, was made out of beef tripe. She no longer eats it which is too bad since she REALLY liked it before knowing the ingredients!

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Gender often influences what toys we play with. My favorite was a register! Another favorite is pictured below.

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Also, research shows that age usually influences music choices. I would argue that culture really influences this as well.

Responses should be: