Help me study for my Social Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Read chapter 7 of the text (192-224) and the Tangled Webs case (at the end of the chapter). Prepare a written response to question #5 on page 224. [What do the events in this story teach us about business ethics? About capitalism?]

Read chapter 8, excluding the “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case (p. 260-271), and prepare a written response to question 2 on page 271. [Should the First Amendment protect corporate political expression? If not, where should the line be drawn for corporations between freedom and restrictions? Should First Amendment protections apply only to individual citizens?’]

Read Ch 9 of the text and the Clean Cooking case (p. 297-320) and prepare a response to question 3 on p. 320: [“Which sectors (e.g., government, business, civil society) would need to be involved in a successful campaign to promote clean cook stoves in the developing world, and what would be the contribution of each?”]

Read the Pacific National Oil Company and the Senate Candidate case (both are in the supplemental reading packet and can be found in the files tab), and prepare an answer to question 2 of the Senate Candidate case: [If Conrad is elected what will he owe to the oil company? Will he be subject to subtle blackmail or pressure when he votes or otherwise exercises his influence as a senator? In all areas of public policy? In some?]