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For this assignment submit the follow components as a single document.

Tech advise: It is strongly suggested that for any document you submit to any class, you save as a PDF. If you don’t know how to do this Google “save my ____ as a pdf” where the blank is the type of file you are trying to save.

You will need to do outside research (google).

Google search for the terms “Death by plastic” and “albatross”.

Part 1. Submit 3 images showing what this term means.

Part 2. In 1-2 paragraphs (300-500 words), describe this term and it’s impact on albatrosses and other marine life. In your description, include your awareness of this idea prior to our class and how this topic and these images make you feel.

Part 3. In 2018, Seattle became the first US city to ban disposable straws. In 1-2 paragraphs (300-500 words), describe the details of this ban and what you believe the impact will be.