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Option #1: Health Policymaking in the United States (Handout)

A group of college students from Canada, France, and the United Kingdom participate in the international internship exchange program at the hospital where you work, and they are learning more about population health in the United States.

On several occasions, the students have expressed a desire to learn more about why a wealthy country such as the United States does not offer universal healthcare coverage to its residents. The students argue that the people in their countries are healthier than Americans, that their citizens live longer, and that their countries pay less per capita on healthcare than the United States.

Because you are a recent graduate of CSU-Global with a degree in healthcare management and are a newly promoted member of the management staff, the CEO has asked that you take the lead in ensuring that questions posed by the interns are addressed.

Through your course in population health, you understand that healthcare policies in the United States are influenced by many factors. You have decided to prepare a two- to three-page handout using a table format* that explains some of the historical, political, legal, cultural, and economic influences that shape healthcare policies relevant to population health in the United States.

*Example of two-column table