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Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review Chapter 9 of your textbook. Additionally, review the What Are the Methods of Depreciation? (Links to an external site.) and the Depreciation and Why it is Important to Your Business (Links to an external site.) articles.


As a Practice Manager for Dr. Smith and Dr. Brown, you are tasked with preparing a report that illustrates your knowledge of computing inventory and depreciation methods. After analyzing Dr. Smith and Dr. Brown’s Financial Statements, and performing the necessary calculations, you will decide on the feasibility of purchasing the equipment based on your computations and analysis of the financial statements. In addition, you will explain the rationale for your choice and make a recommendation for the practice.

Download and complete the Inventory Concept and Depreciation Methods Template. You will need to ensure that your responses are thorough and written in your own words; give examples as required and list references in APA format in the space provided within the template. When completed, the document will be at least eight pages in length. With that said, the items below illustrate the required components to be completed. NOTE: Information to calculate inventory and depreciation is included in the Inventory Concept and Depreciation Methods Template.

Part 1: Inventory Concept and Calculations

Part 2: Define the Five Methods for Computing Book Depreciation

Part 3: Calculating Depreciation

Part 4: Analysis of Depreciation Methods

Part 5: Recommendation

Paper Requirements:
The Inventory Concept and Depreciation Methods Assignment template, once completed,