Help me study for my C Programming class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

<Your Name><Assignment7>

Description of the Program:

Create a C++ project that allows the user to enter the score (integer) a person earns playing a game for each of 6 days. Store the daily points in a 6 element array named scores. Then display the contents of the array on the computer screen using a function called showArray.

You also have to calculate the total and the average by adding another program-defined function to the score program. The additional function will be a value-returning function called get-Average. The function will calculate the average number of scores earned for the 6 days and then return the result to the main function.

Program requirements:

You will have 2 functions in the program:

//function prototypes

void showArray(int score[], int numElements);

double getAverage(int score[], int numElements);

Please pay attention to what you have to upload to canvas:

1. A file with the “zip” extension will be created when you zip the project as:

<Your Name><Assignment4>.zip (use this naming convention when you create the project)

2. Name your “.cpp” source file the same with the project

2. A screen shot (required) when you run the project.

3. Enter valid data that is easy to follow and calculate for testing when you create the screen shot

4. The screen shot should show the whole run of the project with actual data.

5. Allow the user of the program to enter any data for testing the program.

6. You will upload the 2 files (project zip file and screen shot) using “submit Assignments“.