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Research Study Proposal Part II

Research Study Proposal Part I and Research Study Proposal Part II are one large assignment divided into two parts. This is the second part of your Research Study Proposal, which builds upon the work you completed in Part I.

Using the same topic you selected for Part I of your proposal, discuss all components denoted below. Use each numbered item as a required subheading in your paper.

1. Data Collection Procedures (Describe the step-by-step process you would use to collect your data?) (1 page minimum).

2. Data Analysis (Select two types of statistics you would use to analyze gathered data; not stats formula details, but which stats you would use) (1 page minimum).

3. Contribution to the Field (explain the benefits to individuals, groups and society as a whole of the study results. Example: Using the first hypothetical social psychology study from Part I, if we find that public awareness ads are associated with improved changes in attitudes toward the severely mentally ill might we use such study results as a means of advocating for Federal funding for expanding advertising efforts; or if study results show no to little association between ads and public attitude changes, might we better serve the severely ill by pursuing other means of reducing stigma? (1 page minimum).

4. Research Limitations (1/2 page minimum). Discuss limitations that you foresee in Part I and Part II of your Research Study Proposal. It may be helpful to review your Instructor feedback for Part I of this assignment.

5. Discussion (1/2 page minimum). Discuss and reflect on your conclusions of the research process and this assignment in its entirety.

The Research Study Proposal Part II must: