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In Assignment 1, you will learn how to collect economic data, using Economic Indicators that are readily available to consumers online. Economic Indicators are key statistics or metrics used to study the status of the overall economy, industry segments, and specific companies. To help you learn how Economic Indicators work, JWMI has created a worksheet, called GUIDES, which will take you step by step through the process of collecting the data needed for Assignment 1. You will use the worksheet provided in your course to research key economic information about TWO countries: a target country that you select and your home country. The target country is a potential overseas location for your current company (or a company of interest) to expand its business, either by increasing the size of an existing division located there or by entering into a new market. your home country is the United States. Use your current company and its industry for context. If your company is not currently operating globally, imagine that it is considering entry into one of the markets below. It is your task to assess the economic conditions in relation to your company’s unique profile and needs, so as to assess whether expansion into the potential overseas market makes sense for your business. Download and save your GUIDES worksheet in Week 1. Complete the entries in the six sections of the GUIDES worksheet during Weeks 2 and 3. All the required data can be found on the Trading Economics or Doing Business websites (links below). § Access the Trading Economics website at http://www.tradingeconomics.com § Access the Doing Business website at http://www.doingbusiness.org TIP: To locate Economic Indicators not found on the Trading Economics website main landing page, click the INDICATORS drop-down menu at the top of the page, to see the full list of available Indicators. Complete the following sections of the GUIDES worksheet: o Section G (GDP & Growth) o Section U (Unemployment & Utilization) o Section I (Inflation & Interest rates). Complete the following sections of the GUIDES worksheet: o Section D (Debt & Deficits) o Section E (External balances & Exchange rates) o Section S (Savings & Investment) Submit your completed GUIDES worksheet document (All Sections – G, U, I, D, E, and S) in Week 3.