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Please complete a 2-3 paragraph on the following:

Part 2: Due on 12/06

Section V of your final project allows you to think broadly about using methods of cultural anthropology to understand other cultures as well as your own culture. Part of this section involves conducting an interview with one of your film’s characters, and part of this interview is understanding the system of power surrounding your character. Remember that power comes from a variety of sources including kinship systems, social relationships, economic standing, religion, and politics.

Compose your initial post as if you were conducting this interview. In your initial post, be sure to do the following:

Part 2 of the task: Due on 12/08

Peer Response Guidelines: Select at least two peers who are analyzing different films. In your responses to the initial posts of these peers, assess how well their interview questions would target different aspects of the characters’ cultural practices and positions within expressions of power. Suggest at least one revision or additional question for each peer to consider, and explain how that question would be useful in understanding the character’s cultural practices. Also, consider whether your peers slipped into ethnocentrism or practiced the principles of cultural relativism.