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Paper assignment (a twopage limit), you’ll familiarize yourself with a major historical issue in the United States: cigarette smoking.

To write this paper, you’ll need to read about the history of cigarette smoking in the United States:

50 Years of Change (Excerpt from 2014 Surgeon General’s Report) (I uploaded it)

After reading the chapter, compose a paper that explains the following:

The History of This Issue (10 points, approximately 1 page)

In general, what are the major health implications of smoking cigarettes? Explain this by making references to specific research evidence presented in the chapter, showing that you know outcomes that are clearly and undeniably associated with cigarette smoking.

Considering this evidence, why does the Surgeon General explain the problem as a “cigarette epidemic”? Explain your interpretation of this, and explain why 1964, 1986, and 1988 were historical turning points in addressing the “epidemic.”

Who were the major players in responding to this “epidemic”? Explain the respective roles of Surgeons General, scientists/researchers, and cigarette companies (“Big Tobacco”) in addressing the implications of cigarette smoking. In this part of your paper, explain clearly what Big Tobacco did to respond to (and hide) scientific evidence. After you’ve completed this, describe how public opinions on smoking changed across time. Compare the perspectives of smokers and nonsmokers, making clear and specific references to evidence from the chapter.

Finally, describe the overall historical trend of cigarette consumption in the United States. Provide a clear summary of general trends in cigarette smoking in the United States since 1900. You must address these questions in that summary: When was there a clear peak in cigarette smoking? At what point did rates begin to show a clear and consistent decrease? What evidence do you have to support your response?

Connections Between Past and Present (4 points, approximately 1/2 page)

Locate the following article summarizing concerns over youth smoking:

“As Vaping Surges, Teen Cigarette Smoking Ticks up After Decades of Decline” (Angelica LaVito, CNBC)

Summarize this article by addressing the following: In what ways are the concerns presented in this article similar to the Surgeon General’s chapter’s discussion of the history of cigarette smoking? What differences are evident? Looking at this article in comparison to the Surgeon General’s chapter, how might history inform our approach to these new data? Upload an annotated .pdf of LaVito’s article (i.e., it has your notes and highlights written/typed on it) to show that you accessed and read the article carefully. (Note that a visit to the library can be really helpful, here, as librarians are really good at helping you find appropriate articles and download them.)

Your Perspective on the Issue (4 points, approximately 1/2 page)

Explain your perspective on this issue by addressing these questions: How concerned are you about the recent increase in youth smoking? In your opinion, what connections between the past “cigarette epidemic” and current issues in child and adolescent development are especially important? How might this relate to topics that we’ll discuss in class (from our course syllabus)? In conclusion, when you consider historical trends, what complications might arise when people try to combat the recent increase in youth smoking?

Use references and style appropriately (2 points). Open your paper with an APA-style title page, and use an appropriate running header. Use in-text references (a) to indicate what article you’re summarizing and (b) any time you paraphrase or use specific data from a reading. Provide an APA-style reference list at the end of your paper. Include the Surgeon General’s chapter, your textbook, and the additional article that you found. The title page and references don’t count toward the page limit.



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