I’m studying and need help with a Sociology question to help me learn.

specially, I need background information (one or two sentences); major influences; the main concerns, beliefs, interests, and accomplishments. This includes what they wrote, when, why, what was said in it. What research did they do and what methods of research did they employ? What did they find? What theories or ideas did they produced? Is this person mentioned in the text? If so, where and under what topic(s)? This paper should be written in APA format. 1 to 2 paragraphs on background information……. when, where born, family, etc. body must be 4 pages. Cite. It should have a Title page, body, and reference page. Additional questions are: what happened in your sociologist’s life to make them have their views/ perspective? What are the areas of concern, focus, techniques, perspectives, major goals and questions? What are major findings from this sociologist. What are some present day examples that relate to your sociologist’s theory or perspective? Why you choose this Sociologist