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Going through the story, mark places where you notice things going on that might be interesting to discuss.

3. Based on specific parts in the text, make an “observation,” something AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE you notice about the work that you might point out to someone else (e.g. this is told in a strange way due to the repetition of these words, the voice, certain imagery, allusions to other works, references to popular culture; really ANYTHING you notice) and give your thoughts on what you think it might mean. Don’t worry about creating a formal thesis. Do try to say something that someone might not have noticed. This requires using the text itself, rather than your general impression of it.

3. Just list three places in the text that reveal something related to your observation. In short, find three passages that are related to what you noticed. You don’t need to write these out: BUT DO CITE ON WHAT PAGE THEY OCCUR.